Midtown Krav Maga

Train Harder. Live Longer.

About Midtown Krav Maga

We’re here because we love Krav Maga and we love to train. But, we also love teaching. We realized there was only one logical move to make: open a school. We were thrilled to find a truly inspirational location in the core of Memphis: Cooper Young. With high anticipation from eager enthusiasts, we opened our doors for hard work and sweat in October 2014. Midtown Krav Maga is the culmination of over 20 years combined investment in what we love: self-defense, martial arts, and fitness.

Fitness That Works

Our members come to us for a variety of reasons from a variety of backgrounds. Some lived slow lifestyles of inactivity. Others love fitness and are in shape but are seeking new goals and challenges. Whatever your motivation, bring it to Midtown Krav Maga and it will be fed challenges that will reward the body, the mind, and your well-being.

What You Can Expect

At Midtown Krav Maga our standards are proven, effective self-defense techniques and life-changing fitness taught in a safe, professional environment. No matter what your background or experience, you can discover new challenges and rewards at Midtown Krav Maga. Now let’s get to work!

Self Defense Classes

Learn to defend various of attacks in all sorts of real-world situations. We’ll make sure you make it home safe.

Fitness Classes

Skill and technique can only take you so far. Find out why training to be fit and agile is important to your safety.