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At Midtown Krav Maga, we strive for a friendly, comfortable atmosphere for a fun experience even though we’re preparing ourselves for a very serious goal – self-protection. Toward that goal, we concentrate only on the simplest and most effective techniques without any hocus pocus or fluff. Our instructors are passionate and dedicated. Our facility is stocked with modern training equipment for self-defense and conditioning. We think getting started is the hardest part; once you see how straight forward and pointed our training methods are and you begin to feel the difference in yourself and your safety, you’ll know you’re at the right place.

To learn more, call 901-218-7868.

Membership Options

Membership at Midtown Krav Maga includes as many class of each type as the members can attend.

Our extended memberships offer the best value. With your one-time payment, you can train worry free for 3-months or 6-months at a discounted rate. Month to month plans have no contract and no obligation. There are no sign up costs, no minimum months to buy. Contact us to set up an extended membership or to ask about groups and couples deals.

Everyone wanting to try a class for the first time gets one week absolutely free. No commitment, no contract, no obligation.

Fitness Classes

Skill and technique can only take you so far. Find out why training to be fit and agile is important to your safety.

Self Defense Classes

Learn to defend various of attacks in all sorts of real-world situations. We’ll make sure you make it home safe.