XXL Cardio Heavy Bag Classes

That pool of sweat at the end of class? That's accomplishment.
XXL Cardio Kick Boxing at Midtown Krav Maga

Our XXL Cardio Heavy Bag classes are 1 hour of high-intensity, fat-destroying boxing drills using safe and comfortable Century XXL freestanding bags. The classes are taught by the knowledgeable Krav Maga training staff so you’re not just getting a full-body workout, you’re sharpening the techniques used in self-defense. Classes consist of an intelligent warm up followed by intervals of kickboxing and Krav Maga combos alternating with high energy, low-resistance strength drills. 45 minutes of aerobic and anaerobic training gives you the increased endurance and bursts of power essential to Krav Maga. Classes end with a stretch and cool down to increase flexibility and promote a comfortable recovery.


Convenient classes during the day and in the evenings that work with your busy schedule.

Defend Yourself

Learn the skills and tactics used by the Israeli Defense Force and throughout the world for self-protection.