Krav Maga Fitness Classes

Boot camp style classes with a focus on strength and flexibility
Krav Maga Fitness Classes

Our boot camp style fitness classes round out the full Midtown Krav Maga program. Emphasis is on strength and flexibility to accent the cardio kickboxing classes. We design the fitness classes to build your body from the core out to make your Krav Maga faster, more powerful, and more effective. Our training center offers many of the advantages of a full gym and a personal trainer without the added cost.

The constantly evolving challenges mean you’ll never settle into a plateau or a comfort zone in your training or fitness level. Our knowledgeable instructors can scale the classes up or down for each participant to match your current level and your goals.


Convenient classes during the day and in the evenings that work with your busy schedule.

Defend Yourself

Learn the skills and tactics used by the Israeli Defense Force and throughout the world for self-protection.