Midtown Krav Maga Fitness Classes

Intense fitness classes for better health and a better you
Fitness Classes at Midtown Krav Maga

Rounding out the Midtown Krav Maga system are the fitness focused classes. Improving one’s strength and conditioning not only enhances the effectiveness of Krav Maga, it also allows students to learn at a faster pace. The better shape you’re in, the harder you can train and the faster you improve.

Fitness Classes We Offer

Heavy Bag Kickboxing

A fast paced, high intensity kickboxing class that burns fat and keeps your heart pumping. You’ll hone your strikes and movement all while you build endurance and learn new techniques. It’ll be the fastest 45 minutes of your day. Click here to learn more.

Krav Maga Fitness

Emphasis is on strength and power. Our instructors’ workouts are constantly evolving and we have all the equipment you’ll need to push yourself further than you ever thought. Find out more about our classes.


Convenient classes during the day and in the evenings that work with your busy schedule.

Defend Yourself

Learn the skills and tactics used by the Israeli Defense Force and throughout the world for self-protection.