About Krav Maga

Krav Maga has a strong history in the toughest situations.
Krav Maga Founder Ima Lichtenfeld

Krav Maga Founder Ima Lichtenfeld

Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. It is a revolutionary self-defense system based upon natural instincts, physical fitness, aggression, and mental toughness. Krav Maga was developed by founder Ima Lichtenfeld while living under anti-Semitic threat in Czechoslovakia in the mid-1930s. He organized a group of Jewish traditional martial artists trained in boxing and wrestling who took it upon themselves to aggressively defend the Jewish neighborhoods against mobs of National Socialist Party thugs. They quickly learned through real street fighting experience which methods worked and which were impractical. The useless methods were cast aside and the Krav Maga system was honed down to only the simplest and most effective techniques.

Lichtenfeld further honed his system over years of fighting and training fighters in what was to become the Israeli Defense Forces. Upon retirement from the military, Lichtenfeld adapted his system to a civilian version and began teaching citizens the self-defense system of Krav Maga. The principles and techniques honed by Lichtenfeld are as applicable and effective today as they were 60 years ago. Simply put, Krav Maga is the shortest and most effective path to self-protection available.

The concepts and techniques of Krav Maga follow the same principles:

  • Address the immediate danger
  • Use your instincts with training
  • Use the least amount of motions to solve the most problems

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