Instructor Rich Dixon

Fitness and self-defense drive Rich

Rich Dixon has been a practitioner and instructor of the Chinese martial arts of wushu and the Chinese sport of kickboxing (sanshou or sanda) for over 14 years. He competed in many international tournaments, winning gold medals in Orlando, Chicago and Dallas. After years of honing his skills in wushu forms, weapons, and sanshou, he expanded his skills by becoming involved in Krav Maga.

Thanks to his knowledge and experience with traditional martial arts, Rich brings a unique approach to training Krav Maga students in developing their speed, power, and balance. Rich also has a true passion for fitness. He has crafted a number of innovative strength, cardiovascular, endurance, and flexibility workouts designed for both the beginner and the hardcore workout warrior. After training with Rich, you’ll be stronger, faster, and healthier.

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What got you started in martial arts?

I have been a long time boxing fan and I always knew I wanted to learn some form of martial art. Reading Bruce Lee’s books on Jeet Kune Do gave me an interest in Chinese martial arts and lo and behold, I found a wushu coach right here in Memphis. I really liked the way wushu brought traditional Chinese martial arts into the modern era and adopted and developed training techniques and practices of modern sports.

What made you switch to Krav Maga?

Actually I trained both at the same time. After I had practiced wushu for a few years, my friend John Covington started learning Krav Maga. In our conversations about the 2 styles, it sounded like Krav Maga was the exact opposite of wushu in that it is utterly simple and straightforward, while wushu is complex and takes years to learn. I began learning Krav Maga as a counter-part to wushu, like learning a second language. I found that they were both very mutually beneficial. The good thing about Krav Maga vs. wushu is that there is no age-cap on your abilities so it’s a great long-term endeavor.

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