Instructor John Covington

Over 10 years of experience makes for a great Krav Maga instructor

John Covington has been a practitioner of Krav Maga for 11 years and became a Krav Maga Worldwide certified instructor in 2010. In addition to having over 5 years’ experience as a Krav Maga instructor, John has had a number of experiences that combine to make him a truly dynamic and innovative Krav Maga instructor. John honed his skills as an educator teaching history on the college and secondary level for over 15 years.

John is currently serving as an officer with the Memphis Police Department. As part of the local police force, John has the real-world experience that puts him above most other instructors. On the streets he has put his Krav Maga skills to work and can vouch for their effectiveness in violent situations. Sadly, he has also seen the impact of senseless violence on innocent citizens of Memphis, TN and is completely dedicated to training as many as he can to defend themselves against the bad guys.

John’s classes are dynamic and intense as he creates drills and scenarios that he pulls from his experience on the police force. Over a decade of Krav Maga experience also means that he’s trained with many great instructors and strives to help new students learn the same techniques he has learned. Don’t forget to tell him about your cat. He loves cats.

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What effect has training Krav Maga had on your life?

It has made me a safer, healthier and more confident person. There aren’t many things in life that offer that combination.

What's your favorite thing about training Krav Maga?
It gets me in fantastic shape while having fun. I enjoy it so much I usually forget how hard I’m working!

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